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Remote Working

Sit in front of your office PC whilst at home - we can give you the capability of working remotely and securely on your office PC.

All features are available via remote access. You can run applications, access a network, save files, print documents, send & receive emails etc from home or another location just as though you were sitting at the office PC.

Ideally ADSL broadband is needed at both ends, Windows XP Pro is required on the host PC (client can be Win 9x or later) – Only one PC in the network needs to be running Windows XP Pro for the whole network to be accessed remotely.

- Connections are secure and encrypted and require no additional hardware.
- Software such as Microsoft Office, Sage etc only needs to be installed on the Host PC thus saving licence fees.
- Whist working on your PC remotely, your PC is locked out to other users and is private.

Detail of how Remote Desktop Access works.

It is a flexible method of working for both employees and employers beneficial to those who have to spend much of their time travelling to conferences or to the office.

Remote Access to your computer permits you to work freely and reduce the time spend travelling. By doing so this saves money spent on mileage claims and also provides benefits to the environment with less emissions from travelling workers.

Remote Desktop Access can allow employers and employees to work from both home and a work station setup by the organisation, which helps staff to concentrate on work without committing so much time to travel. With current technology within your computer there are plenty of ways in which contact can still be maintained with your workplace through messenger services, emails and Skype services.

Another aid for remote access working is video conferences which can take place through a web camera. Video Conferencing is an interactive medium enabling people to communicate whilst being in different locations, possibly miles apart. Through advances in modern technology, it is not only images and sound that can be displayed, but also data, enabling the sharing of graphical or numerical information.

So with a combination of Remote Desktop Access and use of web cams for conferencing, do you need to go into your office at all? Meetings can be carried out without the need for physical attendance without all the stresses which are associated with meetings. All in all remote working is efficient and is here to stay.

Let Miltec Internet set up Remote Desktop Access and web cam conferencing for you soon - try it out!


With Miltec Digital Computer IT support the difference is clear!

“I’ve been very impressed with the responsiveness of Miltec Internet in Northwich . As a busy accountancy practice our data and the uptime of our machines is critical. When our system went down they were able to repair it remotely and have us back in business quickly. They are so helpful and never use jargon”.