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Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning - as information technology systems, networks, and organizations become complex, disaster recovery planning becomes more essential to the continuity of companies worldwide.

The more complex an organization is, the more financial loss it can incur in the event of a disaster. Although some companies can spend up to 25% of its information technology budget on disaster recovery, it is a worthwhile cost to minimize the downtime and reduce potential losses.

Disaster Recovery Planning covers the data, hardware and software critical for a business to restart operations in the event of a natural or human-caused disaster. To limit the potential dangers which are inherent in this, a disaster recovery plan will be needed to put into operation as part of an overall contingency plan to safeguard as much data as possible.

The process of such a plan is by no means trivial and that's where we come in to help. Much of a disaster recovery planning initiative is common sense and the rest can be greatly simplified through simple to use tools and templates, but here at IT-start we have the experience and knowledge of how to setup and fully operate a disaster recovery plan to cater to your business needs and to consider some the following options:

- Who to contact within your business (telephone tree)
- Contacting customers
- Any extra staffing required?
- Recalling backup files
- Any need to contact insurance?
- What equipment is needed to get the data setup again?

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“I’ve been very impressed with the responsiveness of Miltec Internet in Northwich . As a busy accountancy practice our data and the uptime of our machines is critical. When our system went down they were able to repair it remotely and have us back in business quickly. They are so helpful and never use jargon”.