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Content Filtering

Content Filtering - for many business and personal computer networks it can be important that certain items and addresses from the internet are not to be viewed. In his situation we offer help in content filtering, setting levels of tolerance to what can be view on your network. Depending on the uses of the network (e.g. home, business or school network), there are various reasons as to why content filtering may be beneficial to your system, including:

- Secure your network from web-based threats
- Limit the legal liability associated with pornographic or illegal file downloads
- Sites related to violence or hate groups
- Promotions of drug use or the assumption of large amounts of alcohol
- Manage Internet traffic to optimize network bandwidth
- Chat forums (some parents may chose to ban their children from such addresses in the fear they might be talking to people i.e. paedophiles).

Content filtering software is added to your computer to restrict what can be viewed and what material can be distributed through the internet. Content- filtering software determines what content will be available on a particular machine or network; the motive is often to prevent persons from viewing content which the computer's owner(s) or other authorities may consider objectionable; when imposed without the consent of the user, content control can constitute censorship and involve further punishment if the situation of a school, work network or public networks in certain areas such as internet cafes or libraries


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